Friday, August 13, 2010

Haiti 2010 Part One

Recently I visited Haiti to learn and to grow. It was just as hot and muggy as it was at home. We went with a team of 9 members. One was a doctor, so we held clinics. We also helped build a school and built pews. Here's some of what I saw.

This is the tent city outside of Port-au-Prince. There are many, many of these semi-permanent housing communities. The issue is that August-October is the rainy season with the possibility of hurricanes. Please pray these people find shelter when the rains come.

We drove 3 hours, flew approximately 1,500 miles, rode motorcycle taxis for 30 minutes, and walked 5.5 hours. Most of the trail looked like this--beautiful scenery, but a difficult climb! Why would you do this? To visit a special place. A place called Bateille. The people are beautiful, calm, truly peaceful. They have no running water, no plumbing, no electricity, no vehicles (except a few mules), and no worries beyond where to find food. They had a baptism service in the river.

God is good to those who love Him. The believers in Haiti are truly beautiful, and are living examples of how to live knowing that only God will take care of your daily needs. Although the Haitian people face struggles that are on the surface and very evident, their country is not unlike ours. People are selfish. It is the result of a fallen, sinful world. However, our country tends to be better at covering up our greed under titles like "success" and "relaxation" and "stress-free environments." Our self-obsession here is the same that it is there. May God release us to freely love on others without a motivation of "how will this benefit me?"

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought: "Now that you know, what will you do?" I read that question on another blog and it has stuck with me throughout this trip and the return home. It is a challenge I hope you take seriously.

For more information about the EMEVI organization, see Please be aware that money donated goes straight to Pastor Marcel and the people he serves. Thank you for your prayers and questions. I hope to add more videos soon, but for now, you get a little taste of Haiti.

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